Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Serious Snag At The Beginning

My daughter and I had Lucy drive us up to my sister's house on Thursday afternoon so we could take Lucy to stay the week and we could stay the night. Luckily my sister only lives maybe 20 minutes from the airport and that makes it convenient not to have to drive an hour and 45 minutes.

Once we got to my sisters we went to Khol's to pick up a few things and then stopped and got a bite to eat. When we got to my sister's house we decided to go to the casino "for a little bit" and while I did come out $75 a head I sure did regret staying out late because I was so tired when we got home and then I was also too excited to sleep. My daughter and I made sure we had everything packed the night before so we could just toss on our clothes and head to the airport at 6am.

Bright and early the next morning grabbing our stuff and loading it into the car. I was sad to see Lucy trying to follow us out the door but I assured her I loved her and I would be back. My sister dropped us off and we headed to check in. After getting the luggage checked we headed security. SNAG! My daughter goes to grab her license and says "OMG! I LEFT MY LICENSE IN MY JEANS POCKET AT AUNT CHERYL'S!".

This is little Miss Porsche' Shiane looking very sad because she forgot her license.

We quickly called my brother in law and Shiane told him where to find the license. He found it and as soon as Cheryl got home he gave it to her and she drove back to the airport. I was seeing about catching a later flight when my daughter comes running waving her license in her hand.

I asked Shiane "what did Aunt Cheryl say" and Shiane laughed and said "She told me 'YOU DOOFUS!' ".

Luckily there were no more snags! But it is definitely a scrap worthy moment! And to be honest, pretty funny since everything worked out okay!


  1. I can only imagine how Shiane felt! So glad it worked out.

    Kathy Brockman

  2. I am the one in our family that always has a list to double check everything. My daughter rolls her eyes but I see the relief in those same eyes shortly. So glad you could get them quickly.

  3. Oh, that face breaks my heart. I am so glad it all worked out. What age was Lucy when she got her license? LOL! That is such a cute picture of her. She drives quite a bit, doesn't she?

  4. Poor Shaine! She looks so sad in the picture. Yup... this is one of those thousand word pics. Lucy looks totally comfortable behind the wheel. LOL!!!