Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Check In Gifts

I totally forgot to tell you guys about what we got when we checked in at the hotel!

When we first arrived at the hotel there was a table set up for the Cricut Cruise folks to check in so ProvoCraft would know we had arrived. Dan Larsen and his wife Kayela were there to get us all settled in and gave us some gifts. Kayela took our pictures so they would be able to identify us later on. I told them I didn't think that was right because no one ever looks good after being in an airplane all day. Okay, okay, I actually said "do you have to do it right now? I look like total chit!" But I didn't say chit. And yes, they had to do it right then evidently because they laughed at me and took the picture anyway *okie so hopes the picture has since been destroyed because she believes a mug shot would probably look better than that photo did*.

We received an email before the cruise asking for shirt sizes so I figured we would be getting t-shirts but I was surprised about the water bottle and sunglasses. I just love free stuff!!

I totally forgot to take a picture of the items but Annette Hindes was nice enough to let me use one that she took. Annette was great about setting up a facebook page for us before we went on the cruise so some of us could chat and get to know each other before hand. She has also agreed to allow me to use any of her photos she has on Facebook. THANK YOU ANNETTE!



  1. Those are cool gifts ! I too love the water bottle !!

  2. what a great start to your cruise!

  3. I love that shirt!!! How awesome