Thursday, March 24, 2011

Funny story about in class giveaways and Pink Journey

I am sure I have said this before and I know I will say it again...ProvoCraft sure did take care of us on the cruise!!

During classes they would have drawings and people would win prizes, generally cartridges. There were all different ones and they would pull a cart and then pull a name. Well during class, I think it was the first class actually *okie tries to remember and thinks she is remembering correctly*, they picked up Pink Journey. Of course most of you know that is one of the most difficult if not THE most difficult cart to get! I have seen it go for $170 on eBay! I was so excited and was hoping they would pull my name!

Cricut and Cindy were digging through the bucket to pull a name. Cindy opens the piece of paper with the name on it, obviously Cricut couldn't because of his chubby fingers, and she says "THE WINNER IS SHIRLEY!".

I jumped up immediately and was hollering "oh yeah on yeah" and I think I even danced a little on the way up to the front of the room. I looked at Cindy and she had this kind of "deer in head lights" look on her face and Cricut was shaking his head no *okie wonders how big of a can of raid it would take to put that Cricut in his place* and pointing at the paper. Bless her heart, Cindy was still standing there with this bit of terrified smile and wide eyed look. I look down at the paper and it reads "SHIRLEY S". Well I am not Shirley S, I am Shirley T!!

I looked at Cricut, who was still shaking his head no *okie is wondering about a fly swatter now* and I said "THAT ISN'T ME! I AM SHIRLEY T!". Well the Shirley S was very excited. It didn't even occur to me that there was another Shirley on the cruise. I mean come on! How common of a name is Shirley????

I looked at Cricut and Cindy and said "Did Mike put ya'll up to this?" and then I turned to the back of the room and yelled at Mike "YOU DID THIS DIDN'T YOU!". Some of you might have read my post about the call from Mike telling me I won the cruise so of course it was only natural that I would think he was pulling a prank on me. Mike immediately said "NNOOO!! I didn't do it!". I still didn't believe him. I wasn't angry at all because I thought it was funny and they were pulling a joke on me *okie can have a really good sense of humor about most things, and if her blood sugar levels are stable*.

I sat back down at the table and was laughing when I heard a voice say "Don't worry, I'll take care of it". And for the sake of anonymity I won't say whose voice it was...but in a few minutes I had a Pink Journey cartridge laying on the table in front of me!!

I really think the PC staff felt bad because I was so excited thinking I won and then to find out it wasn't me. Cindy even told me later "I was just going to let you take it but Cricut kept shaking his head no!" *okie really likes Cindy*.

Here is a picture of Cindy and I that was taken on the last night of the cruise. Cindy is such a fantastic person and was great to get to know. She and her husband are wonderful genuine people and both have a sense of humor that makes them shine!


  1. Great story - still wish I had been there and congratulations on such an awesome cartridge win.

  2. Love your story Okie! I tell you I so wish I could just have a 10th of personality!

  3. Only you my dear...may have to try that sometime!(JK)

  4. Being passionate pays! :) CONGRATS!!

  5. Surely you were lucky that day Shirley T! lol

  6. That story gave me a good chuckle for the day. Love it! Your zest for life pays off big. I'd make a slight ruckas for a Pink Journey cart too. LOL :)) Sounds like you all had a wonderful time. papermemories4u @ yahoo .com

  7. I'm sure they appreciated your not being angry even though you were dissappointed at first at not being the Shirley they picked. I'm glad you ended up with it anyway !! Congratulations ! I've never won anything in a drawing before so I know I would be excited too !!

  8. That is so funny, I can't believe they gave you the cart anyways! Congrats to you. They really did take care of you guys

  9. Lucky you. How could they not give you that prize after you put on such a show. Dop you ever have a dull moment in your life? I read about all your goings on and they mostly brighten my day.

  10. LMAO!!!! That is sooo funny Okie!!! You are soo lucky!!! Hey aren't lady bugs supposed to be lucky? I would have turned red, but would have laughed at the same time!

    Wendy, aka Roo

  11. Good for you Okie. See and then why did you go and kiss cricky?

  12. Great story OKie! I think it's wonderful that they gave you that cartridge! It sounds like they really did take care of ALL the Cricut Fans! :)