Saturday, January 7, 2012

Winners Selected Soon!

The winners for the 2012 Cricut Cruise will be selected at the end of the month! It's exciting to know it is that close. While I am wishing I would win again this year I am not putting my hopes in that since the deadline to finish paying for the cruise is January 13th, less than a week away! Yes of course, I haven't finished paying but I will by the deadline.

My BFF Karen, and my friend Wendi and I have our plans settled as far as the room. We are going with the balcony room this time around. Wendi has never been on a cruise and this will only be mine and Karen's second cruise so we decided to live on the wild side with the balcony *okie just hopes that she can keep her balance after a few refreshing beverages and not fall over the balcony rail*.

We did get hotel information and everyone, well most everyone, will be staying at the Holiday Inn SunSpree in Galveston. The cost is $145 and includes breakfast the morning of the cruise and transportation from the hotel to the dock. My group won't be staying there. Since Wendi and I will be driving down and my BFF Carmen lives in Houston we are going to stay the night with her and she will be taking us to the dock. This also allows us to pick up Karen from whatever airport she will be arriving at. Karen is a travel nurse and we aren't sure where she will be stationed at the time of the cruise so her travel plans to Galveston will have to wait a few more weeks to be set in concrete. While I would love to stay at the hotel and see everyone I can't pass up a chance to go see my girlfriend Carmen and her family! And Wendi and I have decided that would also leave us $145 to spend shopping while on the cruise!

If you are on the fence about the cruise I say fall off that fence and get in! I can tell you from experience ProvoCraft puts on one heck of a cruise and they treat you like royalty. But if you are going to do it ya better get on the ball and do it this week!

Oh and good luck to all those with their fingers crossed in hopes of winning the cruise!!