Friday, March 11, 2011

Go for the Quad Cabins!

If you ever go on a cruise and don't care about a balcony or window then I would say go for the quad cabins! Since there were three in our cabin we got the quad and I have to say it was the roomiest of the cabins I saw. I didn't see the high dollar ones because we were on the main deck and not up top and I would think some of those have more room. But for the economy friendly ours was great!

There was a queen bed that split into two beds and that is where Karen and I slept. Shiane slept in the pull down bunk bed. Karen did hit her head a few times and I think that is how she ended up with a headache one day! There were little lights next to our beds so if we wanted to read we could. There were also controls for the main lights in the rooms at the head of the beds. Shiane had a light up in her bunk area as well.

The beds were amazingly comfortable and I wish I could have brought the pillows home with me! The linens were awesome feeling as were the robes! I don't think Holland America is chintzy about anything!

The closets were great! In each closet there were life jackets *okie is rather grateful those were not needed*. In the first closet there was a safe where we could put our money and valuables. It was big enough to hold our purses, jewelry and other items. We were able to set the code specifically for us. Being the organizer I am *okie knows EVERYONE is surprised that she organized right off* I went straight away to unpacking and getting things organized when we got to our cabin. We were able to put the suitcases in the first closet. The second closet had shelves and we put clothing and eventually our Cricut projects in there. The last closet is where our clothes were hung. There was a DVD player for our use and we could call for movies from the list provided, at no charge. The TV did get a few channels but I think we watched the ship announcements the most.

Now here is what was really nice, or we thought it would be, was the sofa! But actually we rarely used it because we were not in the room very often. There is a bed in the sofa as well. They had it pulled out at first but it was difficult to get to the bathroom and we opted for the bunk bed instead.

The couch and table were great to have for when we ordered room service for breakfast. The vanity was nice as well for when we were getting ready.

We had plenty of room for all three of us to walk around and not be in each other's way while getting dressed and ready for the day or evening.

There are a lot of things I missed getting pictures of and might just have to make commentaries about those. I wish I had gotten pictures of the social on the first night but I think the only one I have is of me and my evil twin Diane aka Capadia.

I am hoping the other bloggers will start posting soon and share their perspectives, but if not, ya'll are stuck with me! *okie raises one eyebrow and is ready to lash anyone with a wet noodle if they complain*. I will be getting to more of the Cricut classes and stuff soon so hang in there.


  1. Okie,

    I am so enjoying your recap of your trip! Very detailed, informative and oh so funny!! You crack me up. Anyway, keep it coming. I can't wait to hear about the crafting part of your trip!

    Seems like it was an awesome time. I just went to my first Cricut Circl swarm here in GA and it was so fun so now I am interested in attending more, if possible.

    Anyway, just wanted to say thanks for posting all of this so those of us who did not get to go can pretend we did! lol I know it is a lot of work, but it is truly appreciated!


    Nicole T.

  2. Your room was pretty big. The last cruise I went on it was just my husband and I but I swear you couldn't even walk around the cabin and we didn't have a lucky ducks! :) Thanks so much for the recap of your trip...I really wish I could have went.

  3. Okie you make it sound so good! This is fun to read about.

  4. Sounds like a blast! I have to laugh at the wet noodle remark - I always threaten my kids with that! lol

  5. I've sailed with Holland America twice, once in an inside room and once with a veranda. The veranda room had space enough for a couch and coffee table, the inside room had just enough for a small chair and tiny round table. (This was a regular inside room, not a quad.) I would recommend the veranda if you can afford it, especially on trips to warm places. If you like to sit and read sometimes, verandas are great for that, and for watching scenery go by. With an inside room you have to go to a public area for a view.