Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Before The Cruise Even Started

I was very fortunate to meet up with some friends from Florida that I have made via the Cricut, in Ft. Lauderdale. Carmen aka Scrappinbee, Robin aka rcz28, Tisha aka TPthatsme and Caroline aka Doxieluv01 met Karen, Shiane and myself for a great evening of fun.

Robin came in and picked up Karen at the airport and Carmen met me and my daughter at the airport, talk about fantastic service!

We went to the beach, ate at Bubba Gump and visited for hours at the hotel. Heck I didn't even have time to meet the others who would be on the cruise with me but I figured I would have a whole week with those folks and I wanted to enjoy my precious time with my friends.

We all were laughing until we cried that night and I can tell you that I wish these ladies had went on the cruise with us!

My daughter got camera duty for a little while and looked like a professional tourist with the cameras hanging from her neck and her wrists. I did notice a few people laughing at her. She didn't seem to mind, especially when we snapped this picture of her. She is such a ham!!

I think she learned never to go on an adventure with 6 scrapbookers at once!! *okie nudges Sandie and Dee in the side and then says..* BLESS HER HEART!! *okie then holds sides with laughter*

Here is a picture of my daughter and I on the beach. It was very very windy and I was totally enthralled by the folks on surfboards and huge kites they had making them sail around. I also thought those parents who had little ones in the water were nuts because to me the water was freezing!

I also kept wondering why people were staring at me then I realized I had on my Paper Ho tshirt and figured they were wondering "WHAT THE HECK!". Oh well, at least I was easy to spot! HA HA

Here are a few more pictures at dinner at Bubba Gump.

Tisha and Karen at the dinner table. Tisha, poor thing, wasted a good drink by letting it get watery! Something I will never let her live down because I sure enjoyed my Lt. Dan punch! *okie thinks that was the name of it only she can't remember exactly because it went away so fast*

Karen and Carmen looking over the menu. It really was hard to order because everything seemed to look and sound so good!

Robin and Shiane smiling for the camera. I swear they were having some kind of contest about who could sport the biggest grin!

Caroline joined us at dinner but by the time she got there we had put away the camera's so we could eat. I mean seriously how can you think of taking pictures when you have all that shrimp in front of you. Caroline, aka Doxieluv01, did order a Cobb Salad. She asked for no avocado's and some how she ended up with avocado's and no chicken! She did get her chicken, and Shiane was more than glad to take the avocado's. Carmen wanted one and Shiane put it on a fork and acted like she was going to give it to her but then turned the fork around and popped it into her mouth! My child does not play when it comes to avocado's!



  1. Great Pictures! And now I want to go on a cruise!!!

  2. Thanks for continuing to share!