Monday, March 7, 2011

How did I get to win a trip?

I won my trip on the Cricut Cruise by participating in the Cricut Circle membership referral program. I was lucky enough to be one of the top two recruiters. But let me tell you a little story about this...

I received a call from Michael at Provocraft and well the conversation went something like this...

Mike - I just called to tell you that you were one of the top 10 recruiters for the referral program

okie - NO WAY! That's awesome! I get a free years membership to the Circle!

Mike - Oh wait...let me check the numbers

okie - what do you mean check the numbers *okie wondering what the heel*

Mike - I'm sorry, that's wrong. I just checked the numbers.

okie - WHAT THE HELL! YOU ARE GONNA GIVE ME A FREE YEAR! Uh uh Michael you can't do that!

Mike - I can't believe I looked at the wrong numbers

okie - uh uh! I want my free year!

Mike - Well let me check the numbers again

okie - *about to really cuss Mike out*

Mike - Okay what if I told you that you were one of the top two recruiters

okie - *silent for a few seconds* Uh....what

Mike - Yeah you were one of the top two recruiters. YOU WON THE CRUISE

okie - *yelling and mean voice* DON'T PLAY WITH ME MICHAEL!!!

Mike - *laughing* Yeah you won!!

okie - *skeptical* dontcha play with me Michael!!

Mike - *still laughing* I wanted to call you myself and tell you when I saw your name after they pulled the numbers. YES YOU WON THE CRUISE!

okie - *jumping up and down and screaming* OMG OMG OMG NO WAY!! I AM GOING ON A CRUISE!! OMG OMG OMG!! NO FREAKIN WAY!!

Then I did a little more screaming and some dancing. I think poor Michael might have ended up with some hearing problems. But if he did he deserved it for being mean to me about how he told me I won!! *okie cracks up laughin*

Here is a picture of Michael and I on the beach at Half Moon Cay. He really is a great guy, although he likes to throw stuff at people, more about that in another post though. Oh and don't ya'll tell him I think he is a great guy because I think I finally convinced him I don't like him! I swear I am gonna put his wife up for sainthood! *okie makes exasperated sigh to put emphasize on the sainthood*



  1. Did he get smacked? We all get smacked so it is only fair that Michael get smacked too!

  2. Yeah I think he did once or twice HA HA HA

  3. What a fun blog -- thanks for sharing :)

  4. This poor guy must have multiple personalities! First he was always being described to us as "looking like a 12 yr old" (after meeting him in Lansing, I have to wonder, what kind of 12 yr olds you're hanging around!!) and, now, Okie is calling him "Michael" which doesn't seem to fit him at makes him sound all grown up & professional or somethin'!!! Thanks for making this blog for all of us to enjoy!!

  5. What a great story!!! So fun! so excited you got to go!

  6. Such a funny story, Okie! LOL and loving the way you tell it!!!

  7. Tellin' the story as only Okie can! I laughed and laughed. Thanks for sharing and for the pics.

  8. Too funny!! Love the story!!!

  9. What an exciting story and an even more exciting trip. I could only dream that something like this would happen to me,