Thursday, April 26, 2012

Formal Night

I really can't remember what night formal night was off the top of my head. I am sure I could look in my camera and get the date and when I get ready to scrap it I am sure that is just what I will do. I wanted to share the picture of the whole group that my friend Danita was nice enough to share with the Facebook group of cruisers.

I know there are some people missing from this picture but who all is missing is not certain. It was funny watching us trying to all fit on the stair case without crowding each other too much.

Notice how Cuttlebug and Cricut are dressed to the nines as well! They didn't join us for dinner that night, or any other night come to think of it. I think the reason might be that some folks are just a little edgy about bugs being close to their dinner plates. 

We actually did another group shot of all of us in our Cricut Cruise T-shirts. I will have to see if I can find that one and post it as well.

When we were all trying to find our spots for the group picture some woman and her daughter decided they needed to go down this very staircase for some reason, not that there weren't elevators on both sides of the stinking stairs!! I wanted to slap her and I think I could have smacked her real quick and blamed it on Karen but since we were just ready to go eat I figured I would just verbalize my displeasure in a polite manner...I think something to the tune of "how stupid can some people be".

The meal was good on formal night and I did enjoy seeing everyone dressed up. I made a beeline for my room as soon as dinner was over because I wanted to get out of the most uncomfortable pair of shoes I have ever owned in my life. Okay probably not the most uncomfortable but I will not be wearing them again for sure!


  1. this stair case scared me. I thought for sure everytime I walked up it, it was going to collapse. I think all the times we were there to have pictures taken I held my breath