Friday, April 27, 2012

Featured Blog Post - April 25th 2012

Since I want to share the experience of the Cricut Cruise with everyone I think it is only fair that you guys can read the experiences of others as well. I will be posting links to various blog posts from others who are bloggers and were on the 2012 Cricut Cruise. They are in no sequential order or anything, just randomly chosen.

Today's featured blog post comes from Kat Schriber of KATSCRAPFEVER and was originally posted on her blog in April 12th.


contributed by Annette Hindes
Kat was not a winner of the cruise and she was like me and we paid for our cruise and classes. She did travel with husband and I think they had a great time. Here is a great picture of Kat with Cricut and Cuttlebug.

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  1. thanks for posting...i love this. hopefully we'll get to meet mr. cricut and mr. cuttlebug again next year!