Thursday, November 3, 2011

Finding Roommates

My friend Karen and I knew we would be on the next Cricut Cruise, even if it meant she had to sell one of her kidney's to get our tickets! *okie figures she tries to sell her kidney's enough for scrappin supplies that it was Karen's turn to sacrifice a kidney*. I was excited when my friend Wendi told me that she was going to be able to go. Wendi lives in the same town as I do and we actually met when I had my first Expression up for sale on my blog *okie wonders if she should tell the story of how she got a new one because it was Red and okie really loves red but the decides not to bore people with the details*. My friend Angela is also going to be on the cruise with us. Both Angela and Wendi will be Cricut Cruise virgins, however Angela is a cruise lover and has been on a few.

I was so excited last night that I got confirmation that my friend Sandy, aka Sandy from Ukiah and my friend Sandi, aka sjox44 will be going on the cruise again. I had talked to Sandy for years on the Cricut messageboard so it was wonderful to get to meet her in person and have her to hang around with. I had talked to Sandy a few times on the board after we found out we would be going on the cruise. They were lucky enough to get a room together which is a blessing since sometimes roommate situations don't work out if you end up rooming with someone you don't know.

There were so many fantastic people on the last cruise that even if someone didn't really particularly care for their roommate they could always find someone else to hang around with the rest of the time. And to be honest, you aren't in your room much anyway. If anyone is wanting to go and worried about not having a roommate please feel free to contact me as I am willing to compile a list of names to help people find roommates.

Here is a picture of the ship Mariner of the Seas. It appears to be larger than Holland America's Eurodam that we were sailed on last time. I have heard wonderful things about Royal Carribbean cruise lines and that it is one of the top cruise lines available. I can't imagine anything being better than the Holland America line, but since that is the only cruise experience I have I am not the best one to judge on cruise lines.

I found this picture of an inside cabin on the Mariner of the Seas. Of course not all cabins are going to look just like this one but it is a good representation of what a ship cabin looks like. The one we had last year was larger but it was a quad, meaning for 4 people. I know Sandy and Dee's cabin looked similiar to this one, but I don't remember them having a couch. I am wondering if this inside cabin is not one meant for 3 or 4.

Oh and how cool is the pool deck on Mariner of the Seas? Can you imagine soaking up the sun on this fabulous deck? I sure can! *okie thinks she probably doesn't really need to soak up sun but she is such a good friend to BFF Karen that she will go lay in the sun with Karen so Karen doesn't have to be alone*. There is one pool area that is dedicated to adults only so if you are wanting a get away from the kiddo's that might be the pool for you. Since the cruise is the first of April there may not be many children on board at that time due to school. We didn't have many on the Eurodam last year but I think they cater to an older crowd anyway.

Oops got carried away talking about the boat! Anyway if you would like to go on the cruise but worry about finding a roommate please contact me and I will see what I can do to help!


  1. Okie, Do you know if kids can go? I am really hoping to win :) and my daughter, who is twelve would want to go with me. It's actually her spring break that week and would not even need to miss school.

  2. I would imagine you can take your child. I know there was a lady last year that took her son who was younger. I took my daughter, but she was 19 at the time. Although I would recommend keeping young children away from me. I hear I am not a good influence on the younger human beings. :)

  3. I'm going to go on one of these cruises with you! Just can't be this year :(

  4. Oh Okie, I am so so excited.. I can't wait to see you and Karen again...please let me know if you hear about the cricut part... I definitely don't want to miss out on that... I know Sandie and I are going to have a blast.. wondering if one should change our name.. :-) hugs the "real" Sandy :-)

  5. Thanks! But I think you are probably just fine!